After months of waiting, our banana fruits finally showed sign of yellowing. Time to take it down. That’s Rey, my husband,  as he tried to cut the banana with his  Philippine made machete which he brought to the United States 30 years ago when it was still allowed on a luggage in the plane.  And we all know times have changed.


Banana Chips

We are so excited as this is the first  home-grown bananas we harvested from our little garden. The banana bunch was so heavy that when it fell to the ground, several green and very firm bananas separated from the bunch.  So I decided to make some banana chips. Using a Japanese mandolin,  slice the bananas lengthwise. Wipe each slice dry with a paper towel.  In a frying pan, add about ½ inch of cooking oil. I use peanut oil. Fry each side for, oh maybe 3 minutes. Drain in paper towel and sprinkle with sea salt.  I tell you, they are so much better than those store-bought banana chips. This is organic too!

News splash! The bananas are yellowing fast before our eyes!  And this is before I even had a chance to post what is originally all about making banana chips.  Now this post will simply be called bananas.

Just this morning I decided to make and freeze bananas in egg roll skins. We call this turon. Basically we wrap a slice of banana with some brown sugar and jackfruit (which is optional) in egg roll skins.  I usually freeze them for later use. These are then fried and eaten as snacks or dessert.



All natural banana ice cream! What can be better than this. Blend frozen banana in Vitamix and presto, instant banana ice cream!IMG_2017


I am sure,  in the coming days I will be forced to come up with more things to save our precious harvest from rotting and going to waste heaven!


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