Old Home in Palisades, NY

For thirty years, I lived in the Great State of New York. Home was a little town about twelve miles north of New York City. My husband Rey and I are blessed with two wonderful children, who left New York to follow their careers.  So after several years of being empty nesters, we decided to retire even though we are a few more years shy of the U.S. official retirement age. Along with that came the decision to give up our beautiful home, spacious kitchen, and lively perennial garden!

New Home in Wellington, FL

Rey and I now live in the Sunshine State of Florida. We moved not so long ago to the beautiful town of Wellington in Palm Beach County. Over a recent family dinner, I was telling my children about how I missed going to the fish market in New York’s Chinatown for fresh seafood and Di Palo’s Fine Foods in New York’s Little Italy for Piave and Buffalo mozzarella. My daughter’s response was, “Mom, your food scene is over.” So I decided to create my own food scenes in Florida!

This is dedicated to my family and friends, who from time to time have asked for my recipes. Now I no longer have to say, “It’s a secret!”

Thanks for stopping by — our door is always open!

July 12, 2012


10 thoughts on “Hello

  1. great! i do hope you still have lots of recipes to post… gonna try the chicken with pineapple in coconut milk first…thanks!!! luv u coz’!

    • I hope you will try the other recipes too and let me know. Thanks. Your cupcakes look so good, it raises my sugar level just by looking at them.
      I will be adding more from time to time. Please visit again.

  2. this is a very good start Ate Evie… awesome garden in your New York home! I cannot wait to see what a wonderful place you can create in your new home. I also love cooking, and i would really try your banana blossom recipe.
    I wish I could have the chance to have a taste of your cooking… looking forward for more Ate Evie. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!^_^

    • A good recipe book .. very inspiring to cook. We also cook the chicken in coconut milk
      (Bicolano used to cook everything in coconut milk and spicy pepper) but the difference is that Alan usually burn the grated coconut in a pan first then squezzed it into a coconut milk. The taste and the smell of burned coconut adds to the flavor of the recipe. Instead of pineapple he adds sayote chunks or half ripe papaya.

  3. Great food recipes!! Awesome! There may be a twist on the recipe but the touch of being a filipino food is never neglected. You’re a Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson, Barefoot Contessa, Rachael Rae, and Nora Daza rolled into a great concoction. I enjoy eating, and seeing your recipes heightens my enjoyment for food. Keep up the good work!!

    • Hello Edwin,
      Thank you for the wonderful commentary. My daughter always tells me to write down my recipes for her, now she can have this and at the same time share with others.
      Try to visit once in a while as I will be constantly adding posts whenever I can.

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